Oct. 5th, 2011 09:22 am
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So, I have a new primary care physician, and the verdict is... I'm fat. Of course I knew this, and I'm not sure why I'm terribly annoyed about the fact that the only thing really addressed this visit was my weight, because it's obviously the most pressing issue going at this point. Gotta make changes, need to stop eating when I'm stressed, need to exercise more, use the internet less. I have a physical in 2 months, and I'd really like to see if I can make some positive changes in that time period. Brain is buzzing with ideas, but of course these are all grand plans I've had before and haven't come together, so it seems silly to make statements about what I want to do for myself, so for now, I won't. So... I think I'll probably try to use the journal intermittently as an outlet, see what comes of it, but more on a "what's been done" front than a "what I'd like to do" front.
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I've officially become a LJ lurker rather than poster... have very happily spent the last year reading my friend's list, learning things, laughing at the fabulous entries of people who have writing styles I admire. Me, lame writing style, I know, never really figured out that "wit" thing, too much explaining going on.

Anywho, it's New Year's Eve, and this time of year is always a bit iffy. On the one hand, celebration, friends, food, general fun. On the other hand, looking back at last year's resolutions, realizing you're an abject failure. Then there's the third hand, which this year, I'm glad to have re-found. I accomplished a LOT this year. Who cares if it wasn't on a resolution list. I have a fabulous partner who I love more every day. I've managed to stay at my job another year, no small feat when you acknowledge that you're barely capable at it and that's it. We've moved to a much nicer home, and it's a home now, not just an apartment. I've traveled abroad. I've made good friends, I've found something I truly enjoy in the SCA. I've sewed clothing, I've fed large quantities of people, and I'm planning an event.

So... screw the broken resolutions, set new ones, but most of all, make sure that sometime this year do something you can look back on and be proud of. That's my big resolution this year.
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Brownies of doom

They arrived today.

Oh. My. Chocolate.
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We made it to thrown weapons practice again yesterday, and I advanced my score significantly. Last week my best royal round was a 25, yesterday, I threw a 41. Mind you, I also threw a whole lotta junk, but still, very respectable.

Throwing axes feels strangely confidence inducing. There's something about standing there, preparing to throw kinda heavy things, and knowing I can do it, and will hit the target, and it's going to stick, and stick hard. Throwing knives on the other hand, not so much. I'm not as successful there, which apparently is normal. I'm a little afraid of them, possibly from years of conditioning that "knives are dangerous, be careful, don't run with the point out, don't run with a knife!" and then... THEY ALSO BOUNCE SPECTACULARLY. Which is kinda scary when they bounce backward point first.

Then of course, I also get to hang out with people I don't get to spend time with all that often, which is good. Final plus? It's inspired me enough to write in this journal again, which is a good thing. We'll be making it to practice again next week.
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I threw knives and axes today. And it was fun! And I'm reasonably successful!

Seriously, I think I enjoyed this more than archery (or at least archery lately, I've been a little burnt out). It was ODD to be that close to the targets though.
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I don't want to be a career woman... I'd much rather be a housewife and mom (not that I am in any position to become a "wife" or a "mom" in the immediate future). I enjoy my work, and enjoy the paycheck that comes with it, but I'd be much happier at home, putting, and keeping, things in order.
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I've found that there are times in my life when I go nuts cleaning and organizing and sorting and "taking care of stuff." These are good things, however I definitely find that I get into these mindsets when I have other work to be doing. So... currently, there's cleaning and organizing and not nearly enough documenting and keeping up with the job. At least the house is working toward getting cleaned up.
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The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me. It will be about or tailored to those seven who respond first.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.

What I create will be just for you.

It'll be done this year.

You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a mix tape. It may be fic, or a poem. I may draw or paint something. I might bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!

I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

Additional caveat: You cannot ask for something you know I'm already working on for you. :-)

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Jan. 14th, 2009 10:37 pm
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So. Damn. Cold.

Seriously, 9 degrees, that's crazy! And then the wind blows, and it's miserable. So cold my hands hurt. And silly me has to pump gas today. Sheesh. Several more days to come too... I'm going to turn into a popsicle on the frozen tundra soon.
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Apparently, I've gotten more laid back about crummy weather. Or more adjusted to it. Or at least less likely to freak.

This morning, I got myself stuck in my parents' driveway thanks to a healthy sheet of ice covered with several inches of slush. Not exactly conducive to making it around the right angle left turn and up the driveway. Managed to correct the 90 degrees of spin this created and got up the driveway after finding a little traction.

Then... less than half an hour later, I found myself at the top of a hill on a back country road, feeling the car slipping. Gradually applied brakes, maintained control of the car for as long as possible, and did a gentle slide off the road and into a small snow bank/pile. All without freaking, swearing, or generally losing my cool. After a few minutes to compose myself, I worked myself out of the snow pile and back and the road, making it to the bottom of the hill with no further drama. Go me.


Jan. 6th, 2009 06:32 am
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So I just woke up from a super disturbing dream. The kind where I want to go back to sleep and start over again because that's not how I wanted to start my morning. Somehow I managed to smush together concepts from my current job, the location was a weird meld of the hospital I worked at in Kentucky and Ithaca College, plus people from every job I've ever worked.... all in a strange post funeral "party" that just kept getting out of control... and I was supposed to be the caterer/wait staff in charge of the event. Just kept falling apart more and more... all while trying to sort out when I'm going to do these physical therapy evaluations that, "must be done now!"

Waking up with everything blowing up around you is extremely unpleasant. Don't wanna do that again.
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Word to the wise... the Insanity Sauce? Available here: is really really really insane. 4 drops in a whole quesadilla? Pain, mouth burning, eyes watering, nose running, sweaty, give me something to put the fire out in my throat hot. Also tasty. 2 drops next time.
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As of today, Christmas is officially over. Don't get me wrong, love it, but 4+ gatherings in 8 days is a bit much. Hope everyone had a happy holiday and I'll race you to the new year!
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After almost 3 weeks, I finally finished decorating the Christmas tree... just in time for Christmas and now the apartment feels like it.
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Ack! There's snow coming! Better go buy milk, eggs and bread!

Oh... wait. I'm not in Kentucky anymore.

Carry on. I'll be working and driving all over the county tomorrow as per usual.


Dec. 15th, 2008 09:21 pm
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I'm feeling rather like I'd prefer to be a hermit for a week or so. Of course, that's not an option, what with work, and holidays and general CRAP going on. But then again... sometimes the best time to make yourself go out and do stuff is when you're feeling rather hermit like. Bah.

Ok, so yes to the business meeting tomorrow night, come hell or high water. No to doing anything at all productive tonight except sleeping. Maybe that'll balance things out.


Dec. 12th, 2008 08:30 pm
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Only 9 days until we're celebrating Christmas! I'm so screwed!


Dec. 10th, 2008 09:53 pm
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So.. tonight I was driving home with my dog, and chattering away at her like usual. We passed a few especially horrible home light displays, and I was educating the dog on the proper light displays to bark at, and the ones we should respectfully acknowledge with silence. As an example, I pointed to the "big white house up there with just a single candle in every window. Oh wait. That's not a house, that's a funeral home." (I still haven't totally readjusted to life here, I forget where things are.) Anyway, after a pause, I informed Katie that, "well, funeral homes generally are very tasteful, and not at all tacky, so you shouldn't bark at them for that reason alone."

In my head, I recalled a funeral home I spent time in a little over a month ago. One in which the bathroom floors were painted with glittery gold paint. Like someone had mixed glitter into the paint and poured it on the floor. We literally reached a point in which we were sending people into the bathroom to check out the floors because, after all, everyone needs a shocked chuckle when spending hours in one of those places.

Perhaps Katie should bark at funeral homes.

Long day...

Dec. 9th, 2008 09:46 pm
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So somehow, having a cold results in half a days worth of work taking much longer and feeling like a whole damn day. Tired. I hate head colds.
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Ok, so apparently my brain has completely forgotten the basics of crochet architecture. Darn it. Now comes the frogging of a ripple that I forgot to ripple the ends of. How is it that I can ripple in a circle like a champ but rippling in a straight line is a total failure? Sheesh.


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