Jul. 9th, 2005 11:20 pm
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Yesterday I spent 6 hours in airports or on a plane, today I spent 6 hours in the car... tomorrow I get to spend another 6 hours in airports or on a plane, all for burgers and dogs on the grill, cake & presents. A good day, yes. 18 hours of travel time inside of 54 hours? I'm not quite so sure.

I flew up to NY this weekend, landed in Buffalo last night where my parents picked me up and drove me back to Newark. I promptly crashed in my bed. This morning, we all (yes, all 6 of us) packed into the van and drove down to Randolph to have a family reunion. It was a good time, there was too much food, random sitting around bullshitting about observations on the world, present giving, all followed by lethargy. The best part of the entire day very possibly was when my Aunt JoAnn told Bob (my B-I-L) to behave himself. Mind you, this may also have had something to do with the accompanying visual, Bob is the tallest in the family by several inches, and definitely the only Italian of the bunch, while my Aunt barely registers at 4'8" (maybe?) and has Down Syndrome. Definitely floored everyone and he did actually behave himself for a while. Then we got back in the car and drove back to Newark. For the record, Bob is never allowed to tell "the strawberry joke" again. If anyone asks you if you're ever heard "the strawberry joke", tell them yes. 'Cause you don't ever want to hear it. Unfortunately, when we got back to Newark, I decided I was thirsty and drank a Coke. A real one. Between that and the nap I had in the car I'm going to be awake all freaking night. Sugar and caffeine unite! I knew there was a reason I was sticking too my diet crack. Along diet news, I have lost about 18 pounds all total since I saw some of these people, and had randomly packed summer clothes I haven't had on since last summer with me, so my weight loss was very evident. Yay! Now to just keep it up.

Ok, enough random rambling, or this could go on all night.


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